Thursday, April 30, 2015


So as you can see from my using a country and the last letter of a story's title for my last two days, I've run out of characters. I could probably use another character from my fantasy series, but I've milked that one enough, so instead I'm going to share something I've been meaning to show you all month... the cover of my upcoming debut novel, Ten Thousand Days!

For those who missed it, here's the blurb:

They say love hurts and time heals all wounds.

Sometimes the reverse is true.

Isaac was very good at wasting time. Video games, a mindless job, no responsibilities - he had a simple life and few wants. Despite being hopelessly average, unassuming and kind of useless, he had somehow married the most beautiful, wonderful woman in the world.

He had no idea how good he had it - until it was all taken away.

Time does not like being wasted. It is mercurial, inexorable and carries a wicked grudge. And sometimes, just sometimes, it enjoys playing games with people's lives. To be perfectly honest, Time is a bit of a jerk.

Isaac had never learned to appreciate what little time he had, and now he must travel to the ends of the universe and face unspeakable evils in a cat-and-mouse game with Time itself for the slim chance to win back a few fleeting seconds of happiness. The price of failure? Only the end of all existence.

Ten Thousand Days is a fairy tale set in the modern day, a fantastic journey of desperate love and horror with a twisted sense of humour. It's a story of exactly how far a young man will go for love...

It will be available on Amazon and Kobo veeeery shortly. Honestly, I was hoping to announce the official release date today. Everything is ready except for one small detail... I'm waiting for Amazon and the IRS to process my tax paperwork. See, as I'm a Canadian publishing through an American company, Amazon will automatically withhold 30% of any sales I make until they can confirm I am actually a Canadian as I claim I am (Canada and the US has a tax treaty, so I don't have to pay US taxes on stuff like this, only Canadian - as long as I fill out the paperwork). So, I'm waiting for that paperwork to go through, then we're off to the races!

But anyway, you don't care about tax treaties and international economics, you just want to read my book! I promise, if you watch this blog, or follow me on Google+ or Twitter, you will be the first to know.

Thanks for sticking with me the last few weeks, reading about characters you haven't (or even been able to) read about before. Hopefully if you stick around just a little bit longer, you're actually be able to read the full thing...

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