Thursday, April 2, 2015

Characters You've Never Heard Of: BEN

This is Ben.

He really likes baths.

He loves to splash and play with his bath toys and practice his swimming and then get out all nice and clean and put on his warm comfy jammies.

One thing he doesn't like to do is drink his bath water.

Bath water is full of Ben dirt and soap and it tastes like damp towels from the bottom of the laundry hamper. Ben wouldn't drink bath water, right?

Ben is the main character in the illustrated story book I made for my son as a Christmas present. Being the protagonist of a children's book, he doesn't have much characterization and in fact his entire character can be pretty much summed up in 3 points:
  1.  He doesn't wear any clothes (the story takes place at bath time)
  2.  He rides a giant goldfish through space, which he calls the Star Fish Enterprise.
  3.  He's always trying to drink his bath water.
The loose moral of the tale was supposed to benot to drink the bath water, because it's really gross. Unfortunately, brightly illustrating a little kid trying to drink bath water only made it seem more appealing, and now we can't make my son STOP drinking the damn bath water because he thinks it's hilarious.

The illustrations are also pretty crappy. Did I mention I'm not much of an illustrator? Or that I did most of the work at 4:30am when the rest of the house was asleep, trying to squeeze it in before I went to work? The things we do for our kids...

So for those who missed it, my theme for the A-to-Z Blog-a-thon is "Characters You've Never Heard Of" - characters from unpublished stories that fill up The Closet. You may not care about any of these dudes and ladies, and you many never hear of any of them again after this month (there is after all only one copy of this particular book in existence), but perhaps you will find one of them interesting, and it will keep you coming back to check out my writing and ideas in the future.

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