Monday, April 6, 2015

Characters You've Never Heard Of: ERIC

DM: You meet an ogre.

Player: I hit it with my katana of destiny.

DM: How much damage do you do?

Player: Um, 500?

DM: It's dead. You find a potion, but it's not labeled.

Player: I taste it, does anything happen?

DM: It was poison. You die.

I can't remember if his name was Erik or Arik, but since I already used "A" let's stick with Erik.

Erik was my very first Dungeons & Dragons character. We had no idea how to make characters at the time so we just made up numbers. I remember he had 600 hit points, and I gave him a magic sword that let him control the elements.

He didn't have much of a story. He drank a potion that he thought was a healing potion but was actually poison and died. That was how most of our characters bit it back in the day.

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