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Surfing with the Butt Monkeys (#IWSG April 2022)

Happy IWSG Day? What's happening!?!

  • Revenge of the Space-Surfing Butt Monkeys (Gale Harbour Book 2) comes out in less than a month! I've been working my butt off, contacting people for reviews, arranging promos and guest blogs, running ads and putting some finishing touches on some formatting for the books and covers. 
  • Speaking of guest posts, thank you to everyone who signed up to help with the launch! Material will be coming out very soon. If anyone else is interesting in helping to promote the launch of Butt Monkeys, please sign up below.
  • Psycho Hose Beast is now officially my best-reviewed book, and it's only a few copies away from surpassing Hell Comes to Hogtown as my best-selling book. Despite Hogtown doing well in the Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off, it seems that writing a series (and doing a shit-ton of marketing legwork) really does pay off.
  • I ran a promotion for Psycho Hose Beast with last weekend. It cost $30USD to promote it to their supposedly-large reader base, and I sold exactly 3 copies. The investment did not, as they say, pay off. I think it just didn't fit well into their readership. For one thing, it got put into the Young Adult category (which alot of people have been doing actually), even though I really never intended it to be YA. I'm sure some of the themes and characters speak to that audience, but some of the actual content is probably a bit mature for those who prefer books for younger sensibilities. 
  • I've received a number of reviews in the past few weeks, but one of them I really had to share. It's an amazingly in-depth analysis of Psycho Hose Beast. Honestly I think the guy put more thought into the book than I did. Here's a snippet:
Gallant-King’s Gale Harbour is beautifully constructed. Somewhat isolated, near the water, with underground tunnel systems, and an old Air Force Base, it begs for paranormal happenings. And the cops and Fish and Wildlife folks are just small town enough to be sharp but not too sharp—so they take a journey all their own. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police—aka the Pros—are there, but in the background. 
Further bringing the town, the characters, and the decade to life are abundant references to video games, movies, TV shows, music, commercials, and other early nineties staples. A highlight is Skidmark’s rapping Snow’s “Informer.” It’s probably an ear worm for you now. You’re welcome. 
Don’t let the title fool you into thinking this is fluff. All throughout the book, the themes of age, memory, and history are woven through on multiple levels, from one end of the character continuum to the other. Niall’s grandmother—suffering from dementia—is put into a nursing home early on. The town itself has bad memories of the storm of ’29, and everyone has something with which they struggle; something to overcome. From the kid who lives in a fantasy world of video store rentals his parents would flip out about if they knew that he was watching, to the adults who have something in their past they are trying to make right or make their peace with.
You can read the whole review on Goodreads or the reviewer's website,

Wanna buy it? Click right here!

So this is all pretty exciting stuff, right? I should be super happy, right? Then why am I not enjoying this?

It's not that I'm particularly worried or anxious about the book launch, I'm just tried and burnt out. I don't know what I was thinking, setting a book launch right in the middle of the busiest time of year at my regular job. I sign in at 7:00 in the morning and I'm often still working at 11:00 at night. On top of that my wife has been sick, my kids are having problems at school, the dog is developing dementia and losing the use of her legs (she's very old). It's just so much going on at the same time. There's no time for anything and nothing is fun right now. 

I'm trying to look forward to nicer weather and quieter times in the near future. It's got to happen, eventually right? 

The question for the month is something about audiobooks, which is just making me depressed because I would love to do an audiobook, but there is definitely no time for that on the schedule. 

Anyway, how was your month?

Hugs & Kisses,

Title of Publication
: Revenge of the Space-Surfing Butt Monkeys (Gale Harbour Book 2)
Date of Publication: May 3, 2022
Available: Kindle, ePub, Paperback
No. of Pages: 321
Genre: Sci-fi/Horror/Comedy
Novel Summary/Blurb:

Newfoundland, Canada, 1993.

It's been a year since a handful of kids defeated the Psycho Hose Beast in the sleepy town of Gale Harbour, Newfoundland. Our heroes have entered into the era of rollerblades, Super Nintendo and oversized plaid shirts… unless you’re a goth, then it’s the era of Maybelline eyeliner, boots with too many buckles, and infected safety-pin piercings.

Thirteen-year-old Niall O'Neil is navigating a blossoming relationship with his crush, Harper Jeddore. Unfortunately, the power that allowed them to defeat the monster from the deep is still within them, and they are no closer to understanding or controlling it. When just touching your girlfriend can kill innocent bystanders, it complicates the already precarious practice of teenage dating.

But lurking in the backdrop of teenage romance, a sinister power is growing in Gale Harbour, and dangerous people are turning up in the small town with possibly deadly intentions.

Will the kids defeat this new threat? What did the US Air Force leave in the abandoned Hansen Air Force base? What is a space-surfing butt monkey? And most importantly—will anyone get to touch a boob?



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Tuesday, April 5, 2022


Hey all! Our fearless Ninja Captain, Alex J. Cavanaugh of IWSG fame, has a brand new book coming out this week! Please check it out!

By Alex J. Cavanaugh

His world is unraveling…

Bassan’s father is stepping down from command. His best friend almost dies when Bassan freezes. Now, he’s being sent across the galaxy to speak at an important conference. Despite saving the eleven races years ago, he’s paralyzed by fear and doubt. Could things get any worse?

Once there, new acquaintance Zendar convinces Bassan to visit his planet for a humanitarian mission. Bassan’s special connection to ancient technology is the key to saving Zendar’s people. One problem though—it’s a prisoner planet.

On Ugar, he discovers things aren’t so straightforward. As each secret reveals itself, the situation grows more desperate. If he can’t find the right answers, he might die along with Zendar’s people. Can Bassan summon the courage to be a hero again?

Science fiction - Adventure / Space Opera / Space Exploration

Print ISBN 9781939844842 $16.95

eBook ISBN 9781939844859 $4.99

“Cavanaugh returns to the world of his Cassa Series…for a fourth inventive space opera.” – Publisher’s Weekly

Alex J. Cavanaugh works in web design and graphics. A fan of all things science fiction, his interests range from books and movies to music and games. Online he is known as Ninja Captain Alex and is founder of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group.


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I read the first book in the series awhile ago and really enjoyed it. I'm going to have to go back to it to see where the story goes!
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