Monday, May 4, 2015

11 Lessons Learned from the A-to-Z Blogging Challenge

LESSON #1: Don't commit to blogging every day for a month two weeks after you wife has a baby.

LESSON #2: Cheat. Write all the blog posts a month BEFORE the baby is born.

LESSON #3: Check out all the blogs around yours on the A-to-Z list to find other blogs to follow.

LESSON #4: Don't follow any of them because they were all either spam or didn't actually continue past Day 1 (or even make it TO Day 1).

LESSON #5: Return the comments of anyone and everyone who comments on your blog.

LESSON #6: Don't just click on their name then try and find their Google+ page and scroll through it trying to find a gawddang link. It's maddening and a waste of time. See Lesson #7

LESSON #7: Add all the blogs you plan to follow and comment on to your Reading List in Blogger. It keeps everything in one handy-dandy location.

LESSON #8: If you find a blog you enjoy and you visit and comment regularly, yet they never return the visit or even reply to your comments, screw them. You ain't got time for that. (I wish I could be nicer but my time was REALLY limited this year)

LESSON #9: Figure out how to remove blogs from your Blogger Reading List (see Lesson #8 above). When you do, tell me how to do it because I still haven't figured it out.

LESSON #10: Meet some nice people. Be polite. Make friends. Exchange pleasantries and Twitter handles.

LESSON #11: Don't visit Tumblr. Like, ever. This is both a A-to-Z Blogging Tip as well as a helpful life lesson.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

On your way out, please enjoy this animated GIF of Kenny Omega wrestling a 9-year old girl.

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