Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Why I'm Afraid of Z...?

What begins with Z?
I do.
I am a Zizzer-Zazzer-Zuzz
As you can plainly see.
-Dr. Seuss's A-B-C

I couldn't think of a good word for "z." So let's just throw darts and see what we hit...

Zabernism - Misuse of military authority; bullying. Okay, yeah, those things suck. I could be afraid of that.

Zelator - Sister in a convent in charge of checking on conduct of other nuns, and
Zelatrix - Older nun in charge of disciplining younger nuns. Holy shit those are awesome words. These ladies would be terrifying, too, in addition to kinky. I will have pleasant nightmares about these ladies for the next few days.

Zemni - A type of blind mole-rat (also called a Podolsk mole-rat):
Holy fuck that's terrifying.

Zoonosis - Disease of animals which can be transmitted to humans. Swine & Avian flu, anyone?

Zorino - A polite name for skunk fur worn in a garment, because no one wants to wear a skunk coat, no matter how much it costs. However, this begs the question of WHY THE FUCK ANYONE WOULD WANT TO WEAR SKUNK FUR IN THE FIRST PLACE?!?

Zoster - I thought this was an article of clothing (it is, actually) but when I ran a Google image search all I got was pictures of herpes and shingles. Yeah, that was pretty unpleasant, too. Don't click on that link.

Bonus story: In the United States, you pronounce the letter "Z" as "zee." In Canada, it is generally pronounced as "zed." No one explained this to my tiny childhood brain, and somehow I got confused over the difference. For many, many years (more than I would care to admit), I always sang the "A-B-C" song and ended with "W-X-Y-Zed-and-Zee." Maybe it was just because I was singing it too fast and I didn't notice. I don't know how I squeezed the extra syllable in there. It wasn't until I was older and some kids made fun of me when when they heard me mumble it whilst alphabetizing something (as you do) and asked me what the hell I was talking about.

So maybe I have a "Z" horror story after all.

Thanks for sharing my neurosis with me for the past month, ladies and gentlemen. Time to get back to work now.


  1. Those nuns' names sound like cool names for alien women...just saying. The mole looks creepy and don't want to ever see one. I have a beautiful skunk stole...what's wrong with that??? I will make sure not to ever google Zoster but it sounds like " My name is Zelatrix and I am from the planet Zoster. Someone grab my whip for me". I love to say Zed-I am Canadian that is the only way to say that letter:) I would be most scared of Zabernism (Putin anyone??) and Zoonosis.

    1. I didn't even know there were so many "Z" words. It was an eye-opening learning experience!

  2. Replies
    1. No you don't have one or no you didn't click the link?

  3. Replies
    1. What? I've been dead serious all month. These is a lot of stuff out there to be afraid of...

  4. Great post. The mole is kinda cute... but I wouldn't want to run into him in the dark.

    Congratulations on completing the challenge!! I enjoyed finding your blog :)

    1. And yours as well! Thanks for sticking around to the end!


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