Thursday, November 26, 2015

BLACK FRIDAY SALE: Ten Thousand Days 50% Off

Please don't trample anyone this holiday season.

Look, you don't even have to leave your house okay?  If you want a good deal, I can hook you up. I've got a couple of fun, funny stories you can download RIGHT NOW at a great price and you can even pick them up from the comfort of your toilet if you want.

First of all, my debut novella TEN THOUSAND DAYS is available on SMASHWORDS for 50% Off:

It's been described as "Alice in Wonderland with the dial turned up to 11." and "A fast-paced fun romp through a twisted imagination."  Ten Thousand Days is a fairy tale set in the modern day, a fantastic journey of desperate love and horror with a twisted sense of humour. It's a story of exactly how far a young man will go for love...

Make sure to use the following Coupon Code at check-out to get your 50% off:

Plus, I've got another bonus offer. I know I gave this story away for free just a month for Halloween, but in case you missed it, TENTACLES UNDER A FULL MOON is again available for FREE for today only:

TENTACLES UNDER A FULL MOON is a comic dark fantasy short story of hilarious misery. It's a tragic tale of terrestrial cephalopods, ursine lycanthropes and explosive volcano drake diarrhea. It's SUGGESTED FOR MATURE AUDIENCES as it contains coarse language, violence and candid descriptions of the genitalia of various fantasy races.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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