Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 - A Pretty Good Year

Looking back over the last 12 months, I've had a pretty busy year. But it's been a good year. I've had some personal ups and down but I've also accomplished a good deal. I'm going to share them now not because I necessary think you care, but because it makes me feel good to know that I've accomplished some stuff.

1. First and most importantly, I made it through another twelve months without seriously injuring my two-year old son, either physically or emotionally (I hope). He really seems to like me so I think I'm doing okay.

2. Wrote/Created/Hacked Two Games - Splatter-Elf and Made to Suffer. In the case of Splatter-Elf (based on the writings of Philip Overby) I actually completely re-wrote the rules 3 times, so it's almost as if I've made four games. You can read all about it on Rule of the Dice - where I've been writing pretty regularly, too, another positive I suppose.

3. I've received a combined 75,000 hits+ on my blog posts and articles (most of those were at Rule of the Dice). That ain't half bad, right?

4. Dredged up, edited and re-worked my novel Ten Thousand Days. It's pretty much ready to publish, but I've only held off for very specific reasons that I will share with you when it comes out hopefully early in the New Year.

5. Reconnected with old friends and made some new ones, and played RPGs more regularly than I have in years thanks to Roll20, Google Hangouts and Skype.

6. Finally got "officially" promoted at work. I'm doing basically the same job and making the same money, but I now have the paperwork that proves it. :-/

7. Jogged over 500 total kilometers in 100 workouts, which may not sound like much to some of you and is almost exactly the same as last year, but considering how busy I was this year I'm glad my numbers didn't go down. And considering that was all done in sub-30 minute blocks on my lunch break, I think that's pretty good.

8. Completed a course in Database Management and am working on a course in Java Programming. Full disclosure: I'm WAY behind on the Java course - I should probably be done by now - but I had to get a couple of months extension.

9. "Wrote" and "Illustrated" my first children's book for my son. The story is silly and the art is crude, but hey, he likes it.

10. And oh yeah, we made another baby. She's due in March!

So that was me. What did YOU do this year?

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