Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Interview with Author Alex Schuler

I'm starting a new feature on the blog where I'll be interviewing a mix of writers, at least once a month, from a variety of genres and backgrounds. They're not necessarily promoting a new work or have even officially published anything, but they all share something in common - the love of writing and creativity.

My first guest is Alex Schuler. Alex lives in Colorado in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. She loves learning new things and meeting new people. These days she spends most of her time working on her writing and visual art, and spends the rest dreaming about and planning her big trip bicycling around the world. You can find her blabbering about her writing and visual art at, travel (as Rebecca Jones) at, or follow her artist or travel Twitter accounts.

All the photos on today's post are courtesy of, and copyright to, Alex Schuler. They're the kind of great stuff you will find on her art and travel blogs.


Do you write full-time or part-time?  
10157134_695315003866111_6580955486805516944_n.jpgI write part-time, although I have been trying to spend 30+ hours a week doing productive things, which includes a lot of writing, as well as housework, art, and studying.

Do you write on a typewriter, computer, dictate or longhand? 
I write longhand and do my first edit as I type it up.

Do you ever get Writer’s Block, and do you have any tips for getting through it? 
I have a lot of days where I have a lot of trouble focusing, which leads to a sort of writer’s block where I either forget what I was about to write or I get distracted by something else. Writing longhand helps me, as does starting each writing session by jotting some quick notes, or a sort of mini outline, on the page I’m working on about what I’m writing that session.

What’s your views on social media for marketing, and which of them have worked best for you?  
I haven’t had much luck with Facebook as far as expanding my market, but it’s good for letting my friends know what’s going on. I’ve had some bites on twitter, but I’ve been bad about using it regularly, so nothing that’s stuck yet.

Where do you see publishing going in the future?  
I’m very excited about the possibilities in self publishing. I think a lot of people will be moving towards that, as well as online and digital formats in general. I hope that as a result of this we see more people experimenting with different formats, particularly more interactive ones, but I suppose it depends on what people want to write.

Fun fact: Most of the pictures Alex sent me were of iguanas and lizards. She really loves iguanas.

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