Wednesday, April 5, 2023

I don't have time for writing, I'm writing (#IWSG April 2023)

I'm doing the A-to-Z Blog Challenge this month (what the frak is wrong with me???) so I don't have much time to write for IWSG. Which is actually too bad, because I like the question this month. Let me just say I haven't been doing much writing (towards any of my books) because all my writing as been going toward blog posts!

That said, if anyone is interested in the wild and wooly world of gaming miniatures, be sure to check out my A-to-Z Blog posts. Today's post is "D is for Drybrushing!" It's riveting, I know.

Screw it, here's a quick answer to the question of the month:

April 5 question - Do you remember writing your first book? What were your thoughts about a career path on writing? Where are you now and how is it working out for you? If you're at the start of the journey, what are your goals?

I wrote many "books" when I was in grade school and high school, ranging from illustrated kids books to comic books to novellas. My first full length "novel" I wrote when I was about 22 and it was... weird. I was going through an odd period of self-discovery and the book was a mixture of fantasy, autobiography, music, philosophy and stories about people I knew. I don't think it was bad, but it was a bit of mess. So was I, at the time, so I don't think it could have come out any other way. I've improved quite a bit as a writer since then, but I don't think I could write it now, as I'm a different person. 

This is not that book. This is one of the shitty books I wrote in high school.

It was rejected numerous times from publishers and agents, and in retrospect I certainly don't blame them. I have no idea what the market for it would be. I'm tempted to self-publish it now, just to see what would happen. Though what could happen, really? Besides me getting sued, I mean.

Anyway, go read about my tiny painted people, and I'll catch you next month.

Hugs & kisses,


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I wrote the original CassaStar as a teen. Mess doesn't even begin to describe that version. Thank God I rewrote it!

Loni Townsend said...

I've been peeking in on your tiny painted people, as I find your information and experience extremely valuable. I haven't painted anything yet (my printer has encountered errors and now won't turn on, and when it does turn on, the filament isn't sticking to the bed). But when I do, I'll be back to review all your tidbits again!

Patricia JL said...

I didn't really get into writing until I was thirty and I was bored one day. That's it. That's why. And here I am now. Not sure if it was a good or bad decision. ;)

C.D. Gallant-King said...

Sorry, I don't have any suggestions for an FDM printer, though I have heard that getting the right adhesion on the bed is often the trickiest part. My resin printer had a whole other batch of headaches before I got the hang of it (and a lot of wasted prints to boot!)

J Lenni Dorner said...

I know the feeling of realizing you have a decent book, but it's being rejected because you're playing to a small audience. I feel like that's where indie publishing is meant to shine, because you can work on finding that small niche. Where as a big 5 has to keep up with looking only for the McMasses.
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