Wednesday, November 4, 2020

The Hose Beast Continues to Rumble On (#IWSG November 2020)

Psycho Hose Beast From Outer Space has been live for just over a month. I am pleased to say that it has been pretty successful so far.

Last month I probably seemed a little disappointed with the sales, but that was a premature. While Hose Beast didn't take off to be a massive success like we all secretly hope our books will be, it did stay very consistent all through the month. So much so that it has already surpassed what my last book, Hell Comes to Hogtown, sold in its entire first year. It's also rapidly approaching what my debut, Ten Thousand Days, did was well.

There's been other successes as well. The book peaked at #4 on the Amazon Canada Horror Comedy/Parody Bestseller list, climbing ahead of books by Chuck Palahniuk, Christopher Moore, David Wong and Joe Hill. It has officially gotten more reviews on Amazon than any of my previous books (which is only 10, but still). It is also now available for purchase at 2 different book stores in my home town. 

This may not seem like a big deal for some of you big time book slingers, but I thought it was pretty neat.

Speaking of my home town, I have to give a shout-out to my mom. She has been a HUGE cheerleader and sales rep for the new book. She never seemed super-enthusiastic about the previous books (probably because off all the sex, cuss words and violence), but she has jumped into this one gung-ho. She's the one who brought them down to the local bookstores without me even asking, and she's been going through everyone she knows bugging them to buy a copy. I don't have an exact count from here yet, but I suspect if I add her numbers to my total I will have already surpassed Ten Thousand Days. She's already gone through the first box of books I sent her and has already sold half the next one even before it arrived.

So what do I have to be insecure about? Well, beside the looming threat of societal collapse and civil war in the country next door? I have to write another goddamn book. I actually got a message from my uncle yesterday, someone who I haven't spoken to in years, telling me he loved the book and asked when the sequel was coming out. The last book only came out a month ago! It took me four years! (well, not exactly, but it has been four years since my last release) Now I already need to be thinking about the next one???

Go ahead. BUY THE BOOK and then bug me to write another one. You know you want to.

These are good problems to have, I know. And I am working on it. Progress has been slow with back-to-school and other projects getting in the way, but I will get there. I figure I have a year, right? I haven't committed to anything (I have timelines in my head, but there's no way in hell I'm admitting to them). 

And yes, I know the world is insane right now. I'm keeping busy with writing and book promotion to keep me from losing my mind. How was your October?

Hugs & Kisses,

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  1. That's awesome it's doing so well and your mom is really helping push it forward!
    We'll try to keep our civil war to a minimum for you...

  2. Congrats on your book! That is so great that your mom is helping. Now let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  3. Woot! That's so awesome that your book is doing well, and that your mom is a cheerleader for you! It brings a smile to my face. I hope my kids are creative when they grow up, so that I can go tell everyone about what they create too.

  4. Glad you're happy with how your release has been going. And awesome that your mom is helping you.

  5. It sounds like you have some super-encouragers in your family - that's cool! I'm glad your book is doing well. Consistency is so good, especially if it continues. I had one book (one of many) that had a consistent trickle of sales for three years. It never made a lot, but I was surprised because it was just a small writing prompt book. Books that continue to sell every month are awesome, so I hope that continues for you and that your audience continues to grow, even if they are a bit demanding. :)

  6. Fantastic news! My mom, too, is one of my biggest boosters, and it’s a good feeling, though she’s not the saleswoman your mom clearly is (can I borrow your mom? Just for my next release?).

    As for our civil war, or war of uncivility, it is perhaps as well for you all that you’ve long since closed the border to us.

  7. Hi, CD. How exciting it must be for you to see your book in your hometown bookstores! Try living in that country next-door to yours. I've been a basket case, but no civil unrest so far. Whew! I'm too exhausted after yesterday to be anything but calm today. Fingers crossed. I loved "Psycho Hose Beast from Outer Space." You are one funny writer! I was telling my sister about all the subtle hints of Newfoundland in it, like the cat named Joey Smallwood. She said," Louise, that's hardly subtle." I had to remind her that I was speaking as an American. Your book was brilliant! And since you ended with ~ Well, I better not put in a hint of a spoiler ~ I'm with your uncle. You better get writing, b'y!

  8. Huzzah! How sweet to see your book on the shelves in local shops. I'm glad your family is cheering for your writing career. Thanks for the well wishes. We're still biting our nails down here, obsessively checking news sites as the vote tally inches forward.

  9. Awesome that it's doing so well! Yay! And yes that dawning 'oh, darn it, now I have to write the NEXT BOOK' feeling is a bit scary. LOL

  10. That must be such a good feeling, seeing your book in a bookstore! Congratulations!

  11. Congrats! And those are good problems to have :-)

    Ronel catching up for November IWSG day Achieving Kick-Ass Goals


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