Wednesday, April 6, 2016

E is for Exposed (#IWSG)

The first Wednesday of every month is officially Insecure Writer’s Support Group day. Writers post their thoughts on their blogs, talking about their doubts and the fears they have conquered. It's a chance for writers to commiserate and offer a word of encouragement to each other. Check out the group here.

I shouldn't have publicly said I would be done by the end of March. I know I didn't commit to any particular release dates, but the fact that I said I would do something and then didn't follow through grates me to no end. It's bad enough when I blow the deadlines I set for myself. It's much worse when I keep telling people it's coming soon and then it never comes out.

I've pushed the new book back several times. I originally wanted to have it out by the end of October (it's a horror book, I thought a Halloween release date would be fitting). In retrospect this was staggeringly overzealous on my part. The book needed a lot of work and has gone through several rounds of revision which I think has made huge improvements. But I just keep underestimating how long these revisions will take (for some reason I repeatedly forget that I have a life).

After I missed Halloween, then I thought I could have it out for Christmas... then Valentine's Day... then April Fool's (I like to keep my deadlines around holidays, makes it easier to remember them). Still nada. It's very close, but it's not quite there. Even though I know the work I'm doing is necessary, I'm still disappointed and I'm mad at myself.

I'm going to shut up talking about it because I feel like I'm just digging myself a bigger hole. I hate it when people keep talking about something they're working on but it never comes out. In my case I don't think I'm disappointing anyone by pushing back my release (my book is hardly The Winds of Winter) but it still feels like making excuses to me. Either put it out or shut up. That's my new motto.

Seriously, I don't even watch football. What's my excuse?

So yeah, no more talk about Hell Comes to Hogtown until it's actually available on Amazon for purchase. I may still talk about Star Wars, roleplaying games and wrestling (I know that's why all of you are here, anyway), but no more news about the book until I actually have something to say.



(This is not an A-to-Z Challenge post)

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