C.D. Gallant-King has been playing and Game Mastering role-playing games for over 20 years, but he would still describe his skills as "fair-to-moderate."

He loves Dungeons & Dragons but believes Star Wars by West End Games is the greatest RPG of all time and will fight you to the death to defend that opinion.

He writes about gaming at


I'm currently working on my own role-playing game called "Splatter-Elf: Grimmer than Grimdark Role-Playing" (title is a work in progress). It uses a blend of old-school and new-school RPG mechanics and is set in a world of over-the-top violence and pokes a little tongue-in-cheek humour at the tropes of modern dark fantasy. It was inspired by some of Philip Overby's posts on the 2014 A-to-Z Blogging Challenge.

Here are the current posts I've written about Splatter-Elf, courtesy of Rule of the Dice:
And here are some actual play reports on the play-tests so far:
For more fun and sexy info about the Splatter-Elf genre in general, be sure to check out Splatter-Elf: Over-the-Top Fantasy Insanity, which also includes a few guest posts by yours truly:
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