Wednesday, January 6, 2021

New Year, New Books! (#IWSG January 2021)

Happy 2021! It won't solve all your problems, but at least we can start with a more optimistic outlook, right?

You've probably already read the news by now: My story has been chosen for the IWSG 2020 Anthology! Pretty crazy, right? This will be my third time appearing in the anthology. I want to thank Alex, the folks at Dancing Lemur Press and all the judges for putting up with my ridiculous stories time and time again. And congratulations to all of my fellow contributors!

Dark Matter: Artificial

An Insecure Writer’s Support Group Anthology

Discover dark matter’s secrets…

What is an AI’s true role? Will bumbling siblings find their way home from deep space? Dark matter is judging us—are we worthy of existence? Would you step through a portal into another reality? Can the discoverer of dark matter uncover its secrets?

Ten authors explore dark matter, unravelling its secrets and revealing its mysterious nature. Featuring the talents of Stephanie Espinoza Villamor, C.D. Gallant-King, Tara Tyler, Mark Alpert, Olga Goldim, Steph Wolmarans, Charles Kowalski, Kim Mannix, Elizabeth Mueller, and Deniz Bevan.

Hand-picked by a panel of agents, authors, and editors, these ten tales will take readers on a journey across time and space. Prepare for ignition!

Founded by author Alex J. Cavanaugh, the Insecure Writer’s Support Group offers support for writers and authors alike. It provides an online database; articles; monthly blog posting; Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram groups; #IWSGPit, and a newsletter.

Release date: May 4, 2021
Print ISBN 9781939844828 $14.95
EBook ISBN 9781939844835 $4.99
Science Fiction: Collections & Anthologies (FIC028040) / Space Exploration (FIC028130) / Genetic Engineering (FIC028110)
186 pages

Table of Contents
Artificial - Stephanie Espinoza Villamor
Space Folds and Broomsticks - C.D. Gallant-King
Rift – Kim Mannix
The Utten Mission – Steph Wolmarans
Sentient – Tara Tyler
One to Another – Deniz Bevan
Resident Alien - Charles Kowalski
Nano Pursuit – Olga Goldim
Resurgence – Elizabeth Mueller
Vera’s Last Voyage – Mark Alpert

For more info on the anthology, check out the IWSG website.


In other news, I also have a story in another anthology released this week:

Mardi Gras Mysteries is an anthology of Mardi Gras-themed crime and mystery tales, edited by Sarah E. Glenn and published by Mystery & Horror, Inc. It's available in paperback and for Kindle from Amazon.

My story features inept gumshoe Gussy Saint, who coincidentally first appeared in another IWSG anthology, Tick Tock: A Stitch in Crime, a few years ago. Unlike the first story, Gussy's latest outing is a little, shall we say, racier, as you can see from the opening lines:

I woke up in a brothel and stumbled out of the back room in nothing but my socks and boxer shorts. I expected some hard looks from the ladies and the madam, who did not take kindly to me passing out and taking up one of their beds for the night, and I was ready with a witty retort to put them at ease and call off their goon, a huge Polynesian man named Leakee.

I was not expecting to be surrounded by cops, and thus found myself for perhaps the first time in my life at a loss for words. My quip about polishing the morning wood would probably fall flat on these uncultured, humorless swine...

Not all of the stories are as odd or racy as mine (they actually asked me to tone it down a bit), so there should be plenty in there for mystery of lovers of all kinds. Even if you're not into bumbling, foul-mouthed detectives chasing women with polymastia.

So, 2021 is starting off pretty well for me, writing-wise. Then again, we're less than a week in, so there's still plenty of time to go downhill.

How's your New Year going?

Hugs & Kisses,

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Congratulations on both accounts! Will pick up that one anthology as I really liked your Tick Tock character. I believe you are the only author to appear three times in an IWSG anthology.

C.D. Gallant-King said...

Thank you! I hope you enjoy the book!

Natalie Aguirre said...

Congrats on being in both anthologies. I'm so excited for you. You're off to a great start to the new year.

Patsy said...

Ooooh, many congratulations! Definitely a happy New Year for you.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi CD - congratulations on both entries in the anthologies ... very pleasing at the start of the new year. All the best ... Hilary

Loni Townsend said...

WOOT! GRATS! When I saw the list of stories accepted into the IWSG anthology, I was unsurprised to see your name there. Good job!

cleemckenzie said...

Congratulations on your newest publications. This is a great way to start a new year.

Rebecca M. Douglass said...

Congratulations for both of those! I look forward to more on Gussie Saint!

Caitlin Coppola said...

I'm so glad the year is starting off right! I have a good feeling about this one. And congrats on your inclusion in both anthologies - look at you on a roll!

Jennifer Hawes said...

Congrats! Here's to a great writing year.

J Lenni Dorner said...

Wow. You taught me a new word today. Polymastia. I've seen Mallrats, so maybe I should have known that word. But I didn't.

Congratulations on your publishing successes.

I hope your New Year is going well. I only read and reviewed 23 books last year, but my goal for this year is 30. My other goals are to publish another fiction book in 2021, do the Blogging from A to Z Challenge in April, and increase the number of authors helped by Operation Awesome.

Elizabeth Mueller said...

Plenty of time to go downhill? You made me laugh. There's also enough time to go uphill, too, right? :P

Congratulations on the anthology, C.D.! Looks like we get to share another ride!

♥.•*¨Elizabeth Mueller¨*•.♥

Mary Aalgaard said...

Congratulations on your publication! I'll be getting both anthologies. My story is in Tick Tock with yours. Here's to a healthy and prosperous new year!

Donna Hanton said...

Congrats on these anthologies--awesome! A great start to 2021.

Damyanti Biswas said...

Congratulations! What a great way to usher in 2021. I hope that success will follow your hard work through the year!

Deniz Bevan said...

Congratulations, fellow Canadian anthology author :-)

Steph W. said...

Excellent job! I'm excited to read the stories!

Chrys Fey said...

Look at you dominating the anthologies. Way to go!

Beth Camp said...

Lovely way to start the year. Congrats on both publications. Now I'm off to check Amazon for e-books, wishing you lots more stories and certainly a more positive 2021!

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